Tuesday, January 31, 2006

John C. Fremont

Every day the Library of Congress has a page devoted to some event in history that occurred on this day. Today is the anniversary of the court-martial of John C. Fremont. John C. Fremont is famous for his exploration of the Rockies and the west. Want to see his report on this exploration? There are two ways, we have copies of Serial Set 461 and 467 available for you to look at in NORBASE. Or if you don't want to leave your desk why not do a search in the U.S. Congressional Serial Set database available on campus (or those set up for remote access). Search for John C. Fremont and you will find not only his reports of the exploration, but also information on his service during the Civil War. If you would like even more digitized materials on Fremont check out the Collaborative Digitization Project, which has digitized etchings, drawings, and maps many of them from the Denver Public Library's Western History Collection.

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