Sunday, April 02, 2006

World Regional Geography

This is a blog entry for the GEOG 1982 class. Feel free to ask questions on finding country information, discuss geographical issues, or other discussions from the class here on the blog. This blog is monitored by librarians, so feel free to ask questions of us as well as each other. The handout used in this class is available online.


  1. While we didn't go into it in class, voting records for adopted resolutions of the United Nations are available online for many topics. The UNBISNET database from the UN has voting records from 1983 forward. This keyword search does not allow you to search by country, but you can search by resolution number or by topic.

  2. If you want to access letters and speeches given by your country go to the AccessUN database. To find letters search your country name in the "country" field. To find speeches search your country name in the "author" field. This database is primarily an index, so either email with the document number or bring it by the desk for our help in finding the document.