Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Retail Sales Report

Over the course of the month you will often hear the phrase "The Commerce department released figures this month on..." Today, the stock market has gone up this morning on reports that retail sales surged in the month of May.

But where are these figures coming from? If you go to the Census Bureau (yes, the same guys who count the population every ten years), you will find a section on Economic Indicators. This is the source of most of those reports, including the one released today on monthly sales for retail and food services. On the main economic indicators page you can find information on when the next report comes out as well as historic time series data as well as archived press releases.

Want to read one of those newspaper articles that doesn't tell you where to find the raw data? Check out the Washington Post's "Consumer Spending Grows in May."

Still want more resources? Check out the business and economics guides from the library.

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