Thursday, November 01, 2007

More economics news as the stock market falls

Yes, yesterday was economic news as well, but when the Dow Jones Industrial Index goes down 362.12 points in one day you get more economics information.

First, yesterday the Federal Reserve Board announced a drop a 25 basis point drop in the federal funds rate to 4.5 percent (see press release). Second, in those GDP figures we discussed yesterday some people noticed what appeared to be a decrease/slowdown/who knows in the consumer spending rate.

Want to learn more? If you are lucky and the article hasn't gone into the paid site, check out the Wall Street Journal's "Stocks Tumble a Day After Rate Cut As Financials Strain Dow Industrials." For longer, more stable access, check out the New York Times' "Stocks fall on Exxon Earnings and Citi Woes."

Still want more? Check out the library's Business and Economics guides.

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