Monday, March 31, 2008

Digital TVs

I love the fact that I still am using a hand-me-down TV and have resisted the urge to go out and buy a new plasma TV with all the bells and whistles. I also happen to be resisting the siren call of cable, so I was quite concerned about the whole transition to digital we hear about so much in the media.

So what can I (and all the other people using the classic tvs out there) do? Well, there are a variety of government resources to check out:
  • Digital Television This site from the FCC (who are bringing us this transition) provides basic information on the switch and why it is happening as well as a handy clock that tells me exactly how long I have.
  • TV Converter Box Coupon For those of us without digital TVs we need a converter box and the government is providing up to two $40 coupons to help us buy them. Important note: if you aren't ready to go out and buy the box then don't request the coupon they expire 90 days after being issued. Another note for those of you with cable or some other service, these boxes currently don't work with the provider.
  • FCC Consumer Facts If you found the first site to be too flash and overwhelming, check this one out. It is a straight question and answer page on some of your concerns.
Finally, for those of you wondering about the media's reaction to all of this why not check out the Washington Post's "As TV Goes Digital, Some Viewers May Be in the Dark."

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