Thursday, December 11, 2008

EPA Backs off on Air Pollution Rule Changes

The Washington Post reported that, to the delight of environmentalists, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is no longer pursuing revision of two of its air-pollution rules. One proposal would have made it simpler to build coal-fired power plants, refineries, or factories near national parks, while the other would have changed regulations about when power plants must install antipollution devices.

This is an interesting development in light of our earlier blog post this year about the Bush Administration's last attempts at environmental deregulation. According to the Post, an EPA spokesman stated that the agency was giving up these proposals because they couldn't be accomplished before President-elect Obama takes office and because of a recent court ruling against a regulation that was intended to work with the proposals.

To find the latest EPA documents and web pages about air pollution, see this EPA web page. Go to this EPA web page for information about the legal aspects of air pollution. For additional governmental and nongovernmental resources, see our guide to the environment.

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