Friday, July 17, 2009

UN Imposes Targeted Sanctions Against North Korea

The Washington Post reports that the United Nations Security Council has sanctioned 10 individuals and businesses in North Korea by banning them from travel and freezing their assets (read the article). The persons and firms being sanctioned are linked to the country's nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

How does the UN sanction individuals? Is there a document governing such types of sanctions? You can find helpful information about UN sanctions by going online. The Security Council Sanction Committees Overview explains that "The use of mandatory sanctions is intended to apply pressure on a State or entity to comply with the objectives set by the Security Council without resorting to the use of force." However, some organizations have criticized sanctions' negative impact on the most vulnerable members of countries being sanctioned. This has led the Security Council to refine its sanctions by targeting "specific actors."

Therefore, as this U.S. State Department press release explains, the latest sanctions against North Korea are related to Security Council resolutions 1718 and 1874, which state that sanction measures can include "individual targeted sanctions – namely, a travel ban and/or an assets freeze on designated persons and entities."

Need more guidance on navigating the UN websites for information about sanctions, resolutions, divisions, and programs? Take a look at our guide.

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