Friday, January 15, 2010

GAO Reports

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is often called the investigative arm of Congress. This week GAO investigated prescription drug prices, tax issues, corporate crime, and other topics. If you would like to know more about the GAO, check out the library's guide.


Brand-Name Prescription Drug Pricing: Lack of Therapeutically Equivalent Drugs and Limited Competition May Contribute to Extraordinary Price Increases. GAO-10-201, December 22.
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2009 Tax Filing Season: IRS Met Many 2009 Goals, but Telephone Access Remained Low, and Taxpayer Service and Enforcement Could Be Improved. GAO-10-225, December 10.
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Corporate Crime: DOJ Has Taken Steps to Better Track Its Use of Deferred and Non-Prosecution Agreements, but Should Evaluate Effectiveness. GAO-10-110, December 18.
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Department of Energy: Actions Needed to Develop High-Quality Cost Estimates for Construction and Environmental Cleanup Projects. GAO-10-199, January 14.
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Tax Gap: Actions Needed to Address Noncompliance with S Corporation Tax Rules. GAO-10-195, December 15.
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Results-Oriented Cultures: Office of Personnel Management Should Review Administrative Law Judge Program to Improve Hiring and Performance Management. GAO-10-14, January 15.
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Social Security: Options to Protect Benefits for Vulnerable Groups When Addressing Program Solvency. GAO-10-101R, December 7.

Loan Performance and Negative Home Equity in the Nonprime Mortgage Market. GAO-10-146R, December 16.

Briefing on Commercial and Department of Defense Space System Requirements and Acquisition Practices. GAO-10-315R, January 14.

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