Thursday, July 08, 2010

UFOs and the European Union

Mario Borghezio a member of the European Parliament from Italy has proposed the consideration of declassification of all materials dealing with UFOs be declassified in European Union member states. If you would like to see the declaration (0057/2010) that is gathering signatures (30 as of this posting) you can view it from the European Union Parliament. If you want to see all the written declarations that are under consideration or adopted in this section check out the European Parliament site. It is here you can learn more about written declarations, which are used to start (or restart) a debate on an issue. If the declaration passes, the parliament will then have a debate, but in order for this action to take place it needs to be taken up European Commission or Council of the European Union.

Want to learn more? We have two have two guides to consider, the European Union and UFOs.

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