Wednesday, October 20, 2010

World Statistics Day

Happy World Statistics Day!
Now it is possible that not everyone thinks of every day as a time to play with statistics, but no matter what your feelings, why not celebrate with me this one day of the year.

Want to watch a video on how numbers play a role? Check this out from the Census Bureau:

Maybe you aren't as interested in videos, so why not check out the Random Samplings blog from the US Census Bureau, where they post on random numbers that are coming out from the Census Bureau from their many data sets.

Want more international coverage? Then check out the United Nations page celebrating this, the first World Statistics day. You can find basic statistics on the countries of the UN as well as learn why they decided it was time to give statistics their own day.

Still want more? Why not check out the library's guide to statistics. Or maybe, if you want to see some statistics in action, check out the learner's lunch tomorrow at noon in E113 in the Norlin Commons where you can learn all about geospatial data.

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