Wednesday, January 19, 2011

President Hu of China visits US

There are often visits from representatives to the US and representatives from the US visit countries all over the world. For example, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has visited 79 countries, traveling 450,137 miles (Travels with the Secretary). This week brings a state visit from President Hu of China to the United States. Interested in learning more? Check out these pages:
  • Statements from President Obama and Hu These are the statements made by both presidents this morning, their first official public statements. They met for a private dinner last night, although tonight brings a State Dinner.
  • Live Stream of visit This page brings (when an event is happening) live video of the event. You can also watch archives of the events after they have occurred.
  • Washington Post China State Visit This site provides links to all the breaking news coverage from the Washington Post on the visit.
Want to learn more about China? Check out the library's country guide.

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