Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Taxpayer receipt

So maybe you just mailed in your check to the IRS or maybe you are one of the lucky folks who got a tax refund. Either way you might be interested in a new tool the White House released today.

This tool lets you discover where your tax dollars went in the budget. You might be interested to know that a married family with two children making $80,000 probably put $258.86 of their $9,983 in taxes toward interest. Which is still less then the $1,1015.97 they put towards national defense, but this tool will let you see where the US budget is spent. Unsurprisingly, the biggest costs are national defense and health care.

No matter what your position on cutting the deficit (view the White House and Rep. Paul Ryan's plans), this tool helps illustrate the ways the money is spent.

Still want more? Check out the library's guide to debt and budget information.

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