Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Documents for August, 2011

As with each weekly shipment, several interesting new federal documents have made their way to the shelves of the GIL.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate "Snapshots from the Past," (SuDoc no. I 29.2:D 41/6) a history of the Denali Alaska National Park and Preserve from the National Park Service. The book features dozens of maps and reproduced photographs and is organized by different sections of the national park.

Rear cover image from "Snapshots of the Past."

And while you're visiting the NPS's Denali Park Web site, be sure to check out the Sled Dog Puppies Webcam. So cute.

From National Defense University Press comes "Understanding War in Afghanistan," (SuDoc no. D 5.402:W 19/2) a short, 140-page primer authored by Joseph J. Collins, faculty of the National War College. The thesis provides an introduction to the country, a chapter on the Soviet-Afghan War of 1978-1989, and a summary of the nation's history and internal conflicts from 9/11 onward.

An ethnolinguistic map of Afghanistan from Collins's book.

The last title we're highlighting this week is a bit of well deserved self-promotion from the Government Printing Office, the department responsible for the distribution of federal documents to libraries across the United States.

"Keeping America Informed" (SuDoc No. GP 1.2:IN 3/2) pays tribute to the 150 years that GPO has served the American people by making available to them federal government documents. Without the GPO, there would be no Federal Depository Library Program, no depository collection at CU Boulder, and no Government Information Library blog. Well, not as interesting of a blog, anyway.

"Keeping America Informed" (PDF) is rich with imagery, biographies, and history from the GPO's long tenure.

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