Monday, January 23, 2012

2011 Tax Forms in Norlin Library

Tax Season has come again, and with it the Government Information Library has created new and exciting ways to learn about which tax forms and tax forms instructions are available in hard-copy from the Norlin Library.

Click on the image above to
download the guide.
The Tax Forms and Information page -- our regular home for all things tax-related in Government Information -- has been updated in two significant ways:  An update from years past when patrons had to download an Excel spreadsheet to see which forms are available is that now the spreadsheet is embedded in the page itself.  This spreadsheet will automatically update online when we update the page, saving all of us -- and you -- time and effort.  Plus, it looks very fancy!

A second change is the update of our printable guide: Finding and Printing 2011 Tax Forms. This guide explains how to locate specific tax forms online, and how those forms can be printed here in Norlin Library.  It has been updated to include informationon how to use the new Campus Cash card to pay for printing.  Pre-printed copies of the guides are available in the Government Information Library, and at the main Research Desk on the 2nd floor of Norlin.

We hope these changes will be useful to our University and Public patrons who have come to rely on the Government Information Library for tax forms. As always, any questions or comments can be directed to us at or on the phone at (303) 492-8834.

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