Monday, November 13, 2006

Who is Robert M. Gates?

As all those who watch the news have probably heard, Donald Rumsfeld is resigning and Robert M. Gates has been nominated to be Secretary of Defense. The White House has put up a brief fact sheet on Gates, but for those of you interested in a more in-depth profile, why not check out the numerous hearings on his nomination to be Director of Central Intelligence, a post he held from 1991-93. At that time his was a controversial nomination, in large part due to questions on the Iran Contra affair. In fact, ranking democratic minority leader (until January) of the Armed Services Committee, Carl Levin voted against Gates nomination in 1991, although he has pledged to he is "going to give it a fair and fresh look" (from "Gates no stranger to contention" in the Washington Post).

To check out the print copies of the hearings, sorry no digital copies of this one, you can check out them out in Chinook. Record number 3 is the three volume set, which can be found at Y3.In8/19:S.Hrg.102-799.

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