Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fun with food

Today is Wednesday, which in the Denver Post is the food section day and today they featured some recipes using onions. The paper said they got them from the Colorado Department of Agriculture, which reports that in 2005 Colorado produced 418 million pounds of onions, which makes it the 5th largest producer in the nation.

The Department of Agriculture's Division of Markets is the group that puts out the recipes. This division works with farmers to sell their products from local markets to international markets. You can find information on their web site on resources from industry directories to business development tools.

For farmers and ranchers there is a directory of resources, such as information for beginning farmers and market news and aquaculture licensing.

Finally, for those of us who just like to eat the products, there is a section on Colorado Proud Recipes, featuring a recipe for Onion Rings with Cranberry Aioli, Tomato Dijon and Horseradish Mint Sauces.

Want more agriculture resources? Check out the library's subject guide on Agriculture.

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