Friday, February 23, 2007

Avian Flu

While the US still remains free of any avian influenza outbreaks, Europe, Asia and Africa have all had outbreaks this year. Thus far all those effected have gotten it from birds, but there is still concern that the virus may mutate into a form that could be passed from human to human.

Interested in learning more about the various outbreaks? The Tourism Emergency Response Network has a page devoted to avian flu. It shows how many people have been effected in the various countries, as well as links to guidance, global impact, and additional resources not related to tourism.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention here in the United States also has a guide to avian influenza. Which has links to quick facts and information for specific groups, such as the poultry industry.

Want more health related information from the government? Check out the library's guide.

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