Thursday, March 08, 2007

UN Peace Operations

The United Nations has peacekeeping operations going on all across the globe. They have released the 2006 year in review report on operations.

There are currently 16 peacekeeping operations going on and there have been 61 since 1946. Check out this map of operations on the second page you can find out how long the operation has been going on, the number of fatalities and cost.

The top 10 contributors of personnel to this missions are:
Pakistan (9,867), Bangladesh (9,681), India (9,483), Jordon (3,820), Ghana (2,694), Nepal (2,607), Uruguay (2,586), Italy (2,462), Nigeria (2,408), and France (1,988). The rest of the world contributes 32,772 personnel. These numbers are also illustrated on a graph that shows how in recent years the number of personnel in missions has increased.

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