Thursday, May 31, 2007

The decline of the bee?

Much has been said recently in the news media about the surprising die offs of bee colonies in the United States. At this point there is no single culprit that has been identified as a cause. The US Department of Agriculture has gathered many of the newspaper, radio and government documents on this decline in a single site.

On March 29th, there was even a Congressional hearing "Public Hearing to review the colony collapse disorder in honey bee colonies across the United States" (scroll down to March 29th for the witness statements).

Want to learn more about beekeeping? Check out the beekeeping website from the Department of Agriculture. It has links to in-depth publications as well as quick fact sheets, such as "Beekeeping for Beginners."

Want print materials to take home and read through as you wait for the honey to flow? If you are here in Colorado, we have a number of publications you can borrow from the library. Try such search terms as "bee culture" (another word for beekeeping), "bees and agriculture" or "bee culture Colorado."

Still want more resources on agriculture? Check out the library's guide.

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