Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Look what's been discovered ... from the CRS

It's Tuesday and once more we can look at Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports. The CRS is a research agency for the U.S. Congress and writes reports at their request. This week brings us reports on the appropriations, climate change, terrorism, and much more. This is NOT a complete list of recent reports, only members of Congress have access to a complete list, but these are reports requested from Congress by members of the public, like you. If you want to request a report, just talk to your local Representative or Senator. These are the reports that OpenCRS and Secrecy News found and released this week:

Interested in historical CRS reports? If you are here at the Boulder campus, check out the LexisNexis Congressional database, which has reports back to 1916.

Not on campus, but still want access to additional reports? The library has created a guide linking to various additional sources of CRS reports.

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