Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fires in California

Anyone who has picked up a newspaper, turned on the TV or radio probably has heard about the fires raging across Southern California. The government, both state and federal, has been involved in the fires and their affects. Here are a few resources to check out:
  • San Diego Union Tribune This is the local paper for San Diego, where many of the over 1,300 homes destroyed are located. It has stories on the fires paths, links to road closures, evacuation notices, and much more.
  • San Diego County Emergency This is the County's web page for everything from shelters, closures, and much more.
  • Cal Fires This is the state web site for the fires in California. On the front page you can actually view where the various fires are located or you can view the larger Google map.
  • NOAA information This press release from NOAA links to weather and fire forecasts.
  • FEMA information The President announced major disaster declaration for southern California. This frees up federal funds to help supply shelters and for individuals recovering after the disaster. You can view the exact assistance the various federal agencies have supplied on this page.
The Santa Anna winds have been blamed for much of the spread and unpredictability of these fires, to get more weather information check out the library's guide.

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