Monday, October 08, 2007

Poetry and the Government

I have been a documents librarian for a few years now and when someone asks me what do documents have to offer the average patron I say everything. We have historic art material from the Smithsonian, political upheaval from all the agencies, and even a little bit of poetry. Poetry you say? Yes, for all of you English majors out there you too can grow up to be a documents librarian (like me).

So in honor of government and the arts, check out this poem, "In the Library" by Charles Simic. We also have a few of those nice old volumes that creak and groan when you open them up. Looking for a whiff of old book smell? Go on down to the Norlin Basement and walk among the Serial Set volumes from the 1800s.

While I can't offer you up a web guide on government literature, why not check out some aerial photography?

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