Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bali conference on Climate Change

Did you know that the US and Kazakhstan are the only initial signatories of the Kyoto Protocol that still have not ratified the protocol (see complete, not quite up to date, list online)? At the United Nations Climate Change in Bali this week Australia handed over its instrument of ratification. This conference is an attempt to bring together governments and international organizations for a plan "to launch negotiations on a climate change deal for the post-2012 period, to set the agenda for these negotiations and to reach agreement on when these negotiations will have to be concluded" (from the conference's web site).

Want to read up to the minute blog postings on the conference? Check out the Bali reports. Want live dispatches? Check out the UN Dispatch live from Bali.

Want mainstream media converge? We'll that's a bit harder. I found this article from the New York Times "Deadlock stymies global climate talks." Across the ocean I found this article from the BBC "'Crunch time' for climate change." For the best coverage, check out the Australian media (they just elected a new prime minister in large part on the old ones stance on global warming). The ABC web site has articles such as "US stalling on short-term climate targets," which links to a variety of other stories on this conference.

Want some more information on climate change? Check out the library's guide.

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