Thursday, February 07, 2008

Government Officials can be funny

Sometimes it is hard to come up with anything interesting to say about the budget or the latest inflation numbers, but squirrels eating squirrels is a little bit on the easier side. Well, two more agencies entered the trying to write something interesting about the government fray.

The first, the Environmental Protection Agency, has the traditional information on EPA projects, interspersed with ruminations on how blogging in the government can be risky. Marcus Peacock talks about life as an administrator in the government and ties in recent events such as the Super Bowl and Amy Winehouse. An interesting peak at life "in the beltway."

The second entry is from the Transportation Security Administration. Now the blog postings are pretty much what you expect, information on why the liquids need to be in plastic bags, etc. But the comments, oh the populace of America is frustrated and obviously has just been waiting for the chance to complain. You can find rants on how silly people think it is to single out liquids, people complaining about the secret watch list from the government, and much more. The blog initially was letting all comments, but started scanning the comments to eliminate profanity and such, even so there is still plenty of complaints showing up in the comments fields.

Want to read some media reaction, in a much funnier tone then I could possibly achieve? Check out "Enough About Pollution Regulations."

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