Monday, June 30, 2008

Western Governor's Association Meeting 2008

The Western Governor's Association is meeting through Tuesday and discussing a variety of issues. The group is made up of 19 states and 3 Pacific Islands and works on issues of importance to the western states of the United States. The group has already released a plan on preserving wildlife corridors in the West (see the press release). This plan is built to address the growth of both drilling and communities across the west. They have also written a 142 page report discussing this issue.

The group is also discussing issues such as the presidential elections, energy and other issues that are important to the west. To see their press releases and reports check out the meeting web site.

Want to know more about the Western Governor's Association? Check out their mission page.

Want press reaction to the plan? Check out the Denver Post's "Governors launch wildlife plan" or a discussion of this and many other western issues from "Meet the Press."

Still want more? Check out the library guides on Environment and Energy.

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