Friday, June 06, 2008

Misstatements in the Lead Up to the War in Iraq

The Senate Intelligence Committee released its second report on White House misstatements on prewar Iraq intelligence and inappropriate intelligence activities by a Pentagon policy office. Eventually the reports will make it into the Congressional Serial Set. Beneath the covers of this blandly titled series lurk fascinating documents that illustrate U.S. history and policy. Examples include evidence taken at an investigation into the Sand Creek Massacre (Serial Set Vol. No. 1277), Hayden's preliminary report on the exploration of Montana region, including Yellowstone (Serial Set Vol. No. 1520), and other historic treasures.

To explore the riches of the Serial Set, check out the guide to Congress where you'll find a variety of sources with digitized versions of the serial set. Some of free, others are restricted to the CU-Boulder community.

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