Thursday, July 10, 2008

No jalapeños? No tomatoes? But how can I make salsa?

The FDA has added raw jalapeños and raw serrano peppers to the list of foods for high risk populations (elderly persons, infants and people with impaired immune systems) should avoid, in addition to raw red plum, red Roma, or red round tomatoes grown outside of the areas listed on the web site.

Due to the scale of the problem the Salmonella Saintpaul Outbreak has been getting the most press, but there have been 16 additional recalls/alerts since this outbreak began on June 3rd (the full national alert went out on June 6th). Want to read the other recalls? Check out the FDA recalls and alerts web page (which lets you subscribe via email if you are interested).

Want more recalls then just those related to food? Check out, which combines recalls from six federal agencies at one site.

Want a history of this outbreak with some comments from officials? Check out the Washington Post's "Officials Add Jalapeños To Salmonella Warning."

Want more on information on the food supply? Check out the library guide.

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