Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Elections in Colorado

This week's Republican National Convention and last week's Democratic National Convention has got me thinking about the elections. For those of you lucky enough to live here in Colorado there is a lot more to consider then the federal election race for President or even Senate. Today's Denver Post warned "this year's ballot will be a big 'un" ("Voters will rule on at least 18 issues this fall").

With either 18 or 19 initiatives it might be a good idea to start your preparation now. For those of you who like to be prepared here are some resources to check out:
  • 2008 amendments and referendums These are the decisions we get to make. If you watch any local TV you have already heard about some of these. But some were news to me, like Referendum L which lowers to 21 the age you can become a member of the Colorado General Assembly.
  • Elections Division This is the elections division page for the State of Colorado. You can find campaign finance, ballot guides, and much more here.
  • Voter Registration Want to make sure you are registered and at the right address? Check out this database. Not only will you discover if you are registered you can also find out what districts you are a part of. Which can be useful when looking for local initiatives.
  • Colorado Clerks and Recorders Now you are probably going to have some local initiatives and candidates to learn about and this is a good source of information on what is happening in your locality.
  • Elections and Voting This is a library guide for all of you who want to know even more about elections.

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