Thursday, February 12, 2009

More CRS Reports Made Available Through Wikileaks

Congressional Research Service reports have become even more accessible now that has published thousands of thus-far unreleased CRS reports on its website. Yesterday the Washington Post provided a article on Wikileaks efforts as well as differing opinions from congressional and media representatives about whether CRS reports should be made readily available to the public. Also check out Wikileaks' full press release on its involvement with CRS reports.

According to the Post article, Wikileaks will be feeding all newly released CRS reports it receives to, which is one of our current sources for the list of CRS reports that we provide on our blog each week.

Remember that it wasn't impossible to find CRS reports before Wikileaks' project. Our guide to CRS provides a number of free and library-accessible sources for searching for and retrieving CRS reports.

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