Thursday, August 13, 2009

When were you born and what is your gender?

Starting Saturday, Airlines will start asking for your birthday and sex, due to a switch in how people get checked against the terrorism watch list. Now hopefully this will result in less false positives for those folks who have the misfortune of sharing their name with someone on the list.

For those of you interested in learning more about this new program, called Secure Flight, here are some resources from the Transportation Security Agency (TSA):
  • Secure Flight Program This is the main web site for this program, with information on how the program works, privacy, and testimony on these issues.
  • Secure Flight Q&A 2 This is a blog entry on this second phase of the program answering many of the frequently asked questions on this program.
Want to read some media coverage on this issue? Check out the Washington Post's "Airlines Set to Ask More of Passengers: Government Says Extra Information Will Prevent Watch-List Mismatches."

Want more resources on transportation? Check out the library's guide.

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