Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Better Life Index

In yet another of my data is fun series, I bring you the OECD's Better Life Index. What makes your life good? Is it a strong educational system? Good health care? Strong Income? Or maybe a nice work-life balance? The OECD has taken the statistics for the 34 member countries and lets you determine which country matches your rankings, you can use all of the indicators I just mentioned plus a few more. It is a ton of fun.

For all of you who would rather watch a video, how about these two?

This first video is on the index linked above, but if you have no idea who the OECD is and want a longer look at why they are doing this, this second video is great.

I learned that the OECD was formed out of the Marshal Plan from that video. What did you learn? What do you value most in your better life index?

Want to know more about what the OECD has to offer? Why not check out the library's guide.

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