Monday, May 16, 2011

Book: Fundamentals of Government Information

Neal-Schuman Publishers has released this month a new title of interest to Government Information researchers and librarians: Fundamentals of Government Information.

Subtitled "Mining, Finding, Evaluating, and Using Government Resources," the book is broken into 15 chapters, each detailing high-interest areas of government search. Included are chapters on Congress, Statistical Information, Historical and Archival Information, and How to Think Like a Government Documents Librarian.

Two chapters within the book are authored by librarians from the CU Boulder campus. Library Faculty Jennie Gerke has authored Environment and Energy Information, while Peggy Jobe, Head of the Government Information Library, contributed Scientific and Technical Information.

The book utilizes screen captures, scanned documents, data tables, and end of chapter exercises to inform and educate those new to research in government information, while written links to publicly accessible government resources are included throughout. A copy for use at CU's Norlin Library is coming soon.


  1. Frank Wilmot8:17 PM

    Congratulations on your chapters Jennie and Peggy!! Way to go!