Monday, September 26, 2011

American Factfinder

Want to know the average income of a community? Or maybe how they get to work? For current data you will want to use the Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS), which can be found in American FactFinder. This year the Census Bureau has launched a new version of FactFinder and this past week the 1-year estimates for ACS were loaded in. Therefore, it is time for us to unveil some new videos demonstrating how to use this database.

If you just want a basic demographic profile, then check out this introductory video:

For more advanced searching, with a information on mapping, check out this video:

The new American FactFinder can be intimidating to use the first time, but I follow these basic steps.

First, what is the community or community I want information on?
Second, what is the time period I want data for and what level of granularity am I looking for? Summary File 1 (population numbers) versus ACS/Summary File 3 or 4 (in-depth population information).
Finally, what do I want data on? Use the search or browse features to find the table I need.

Still want more demographic information? Check out the library's guide to Demographics and Statistics.

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