Monday, April 28, 2008

World Food Issues

Now anyone who has gone to the grocery store recently knows that food prices are on the rise. The Washington Post has started a new series on the "Global Food Crisis." So I thought I would highlight a few international sources of information on this topic:
  • UN World Food Programme This is the United Nations organization that steps in and helps feed people who are faced with starvation. They also work to enable development in these countries. If you are interested in playing a game to donate rice the World Food Programme, check out the Free Rice web site.
  • World Food Situation This site from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) provides the latest news, numbers and reports on the materials that make up the world food supply.
  • Crop Prospects and Food Situation This site from the FAO provides a quick report on the prospects of both the harvest and prices of the crops worldwide.
Want some more resources? Check out the library's guide.

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