Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Taxes are due by 12 tonight!!!!!

Now I know (because I worked the reference desk here in the library last night) that many of you have not finished your taxes yet. Well, unfortunately the procrastination needs to end today. Your tax returns must be postmarked (or submitted online) by 12 tonight. But, do not despair, here are a few resources to help you get through the day:
  • In Boulder? Don't want to print out a 60 page instruction booklet? We have the paper tax forms here in the Government Publications Library, check out this list.
  • Need more time? Check out the IRS's helpful page on filing an extension.
  • All done, but it is after 5? Many post offices are open late, but not all. Check out 9News handy guide to who is open.
  • If you make less then $54,000 you are eligible to file online for free! So if you want to save the stamp, check out this site.
  • Where does that check you just wrote go? Well, quite a bit of it goes out in contracts, grants, and federal assistance. Check out how much and where at USAspending.gov.
Good luck!

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