Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hearings on Iraq: The past two days

Unless you avoid all news media you have probably heard something about the two-day hearings on the situation in Iraq. If you want to see what was said there are a few options.

Today's (Wed) hearings:
Yesterday's (Tues) hearings:
  • No video or audio from the Senate, but you can view the prepared statements.
  • Want to watch the presidential candidates debate this? Never fear, C-Span has all the video you could need on their pages.
Want some media reaction? Oh, where to start? How about the Washington Post's "Petraeus Dismisses Talk of Another Buildup" or on the other end try "Day 2 of Petreaus-Crocker Hearings Continue Focus on Iraq, Iran" from FoxNews.

Still not enough? Well, how about a library guide on Iraq or the military operations in Iraq.

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