Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Colorado Disease Control and Environmental Epidemiology

Today I thought I would reward all those Colorado readers with a brief discussion on the Colorado Disease Control and Environmental Epidemiology division, which is part of the Department of Public Health and the Environment. According to their web site this group "tracks, controls and prevents communicable diseases and other conditions in Colorado to reduce illness and premature deaths. Staff members also assess risks from toxic exposures in the environment to prevent adverse health effects."

What can you find there?
  • Information on specific diseases effecting residents of Colorado, such as Flu, STDs/HIV and Tuberculosis.
  • Surveillance Reports showing information on the spread of antibiotic resistance, flu and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Information on birth defects, developmental disabilities, and factors in developmental delays in Colorado children.
  • and much more...

This division has 180 employees and provides additional support on issues such as emergency preparedness and response, refugee health screening, and immunizations. For more information, check out their FAQ.

Interested in additional health information from the government? Check out the library's subject guide. The library also receives many publications from this agency, which you can find by searching our online catalog, Chinook.

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