Thursday, December 21, 2006

Monarchies in Nepal and Bhutan

According to articles in The New York Times from last Sunday, the monarchies in Nepal and Bhutan are both poised to lose power completely as the countries continue to move towards self-rule.
  • From the first piece, "As Nepal Shakes Up Ancient Order, All Is Up in the Air":

    "The very ground rules of nationhood are being rewritten here. In a sense, the Nepalese are making themselves into citizens of a nation rather than subjects of a king. In fact, the monarcy itself is an open question: a special assembly is to be elected next year to decide whether Nepal needs a king at all."

    Read the full story.

    Check out the Government Publications Library country guide on Nepal.

  • From the second, "King of Tiny Bhutan Steps Down Early to Make Way for Son":

    "In recent years, King Wangchuck has been slowly pushing his isolated mountain state toward modernity and has opted to relinquish much of the monarchy's power."

    Read the full story.

    See set of discussion papers on the Gross National Happiness (GNH) concept in Bhutan.

    Learn more about Bhutan from the official Bhutan web portal.

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