Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thousands of Palestinians Flee the Gaza Strip into Egypt

Tens of thousands of Palestinians fled the Gaza Strip into Egypt after masked gunmen blasted through a border wall separating Palestine from Egypt in search of food and supplies. Last week, after months-long blockade, Israel sealed Gaza's borders completely.

For more information check out these sources:

United Nations Security Council
Read "Gazans Knock Down Border, Flee to Egypt" from the Washington Post and "Witnesses, Officials Say Thousands of Palestinians Flood Into Egypt Through Breached Gaza Wall" from FOX News. You might also want to read "Gazans blast border, flood into Egypt" from the Middle East Times (Egypt), "PLO: Israel ‘Putting Palestinians on an I.V. Drip': Palestinians Storm Egypt Border in Rush for Food Supplies United Nations Security Council" from the Palestine Media Center, and "Hamas takes control at frontier as 200,000 Gazans enter Egypt" from Haaretz (Israel).

Want more information? Check out the library's guides on Palestine, Israel, Egypt, and the Arab Israeli Conflict.

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