Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boulder Not Meeting Kyoto Protocol Targets

Although the United States as a nation did not sign the Kyoto Protocol, many American cities have nevertheless committed themselves to meeting this treaty's goals by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions to 7% below 1990 levels. According to an article in Boulder's Daily Camera , 900 mayors representing 81 million Americans have pledged that their cities would comply with the Kyoto Protocol. Boulder, Colorado, is one of these cities.

Unfortunately, Boulder’s Office of Environmental Affairs told the Boulder City Council that without more funding the city will only meet one-third of its emissions target.

To meet its "Kyoto Resolution" (see the City of Boulder's "Climate Action Plan" web page), the City is thinking about raising its carbon tax.

Want more information about the Kyoto Protocol? See our guide to Treaties. Need to find resources for the City of Boulder's government? Be sure to check out this guide.

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