Monday, November 16, 2009

UN Launches UN Member States: On the Record

Navigating the United Nations' web presence can be a daunting task. This is evidenced by the number of links listed on our United Nations guide alone. There are various web sites associated with different types of documents and data, but what if you are searching for UN documents associated with a specific UN member state? The UN has launched a new web site that allows you to do this. UN Member States: On the Record provides online access to documents that provide the views of Member States. Each Member State page contains the same basic searches. The web site contains the following types of documents from UN Member States (use this page to search by member state):

  • Meeting records
  • Draft resolutions
  • States parties reports
  • Press releases
The UN Member States web site does not provide access to letters, regional or other intergovernmental documents, voting information, statistics, treaties, and documents from specialized UN agencies. If this web section won't lead you to the type of document you're seeking, check our United Nations or International Organizations guides for tips on finding these types of documents.

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