Thursday, February 18, 2010

DoD Publishes Review of Fort Hood Shootings

Early in December 2009, we blogged on the November 5 shootings by an Army psychiatrist at Fort Hood, Texas. At the time, shooter Major Nidal Hassan had been charged with 32 counts of premeditated murder, and the Army had promised to conduct a review of the incident.

The Department of Defense (DoD) released its independent review, Protecting the Force: Lessons from Fort Hood, in January. The 86-page report discusses the Army's oversight of Hassan, personnel policies, force protection, emergency response, and mental health care support at DoD. The executive summary states that "DoD force protection policies are not optimized for countering internal threats. . . . The lack of clarity for comprehensive indicators limits commanders' and supervisors' ability to recognize specific threats."

The Army is still planning an accountability review to determine if Army leaders failed to properly supervise Hassan (see this January 21 press release).

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