Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Federal Government in Washington DC

What to blog on when the federal government in DC has been shut down for most of the week and looks to stay that way for a while.

First, let's get some snow totals. The 9.8 inches that feel at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in the past two days breaks the preliminary record for most snowfall in a season set in 1899! It would get the total to 54.9 inches (with at least a month of snow possibilities left) shattering the previous record of 54.4 inches. You can read all about this record from the National Weather Service.

Next, when are they going back to work? Well, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has a message stating that the federal agencies (except for emergency employees) are not expected to work tomorrow, February 11th. The Senate is scheduled to convene at 2:30 PM, the House is not scheduled to meet until Friday at 1 PM.

Finally, some pictures. There is a live web cam of the US Capitol where right now at 5:30 you can see the wind blowing the snow in the lights. The White House has a couple pictures of the first storm over the weekend of the White House and Bo playing. But if you want to see fun stuff, like people walking down the middle of main streets that normally are jammed full of cars, check out the Washington Post's Photo Gallery.

Still want more? Then it is time to go check out on of those library guides, maybe the Climate and Weather guide.

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