Monday, February 01, 2010

Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Colorado Senate

If you've been checking the Denver Post online today, you've probably noticed that the Colorado Senate passed a bill that would put new restrictions on medical marijuana use in the state (see this early afternoon update, or check out the Post's Marijuana News page for links to all sorts of information about the issue).

Senate Bill 10-109, A Bill for an Act Concerning Regulation of the Physician-Patient Relationship for Medical Marijuana Patients, would prevent doctors from writing recommendations inside medical marijuana dispensaries and would require them to examine a person's medical history and conduct a full exam before writing a medical marijuana recommendation for that person. The bill now moves to the Colorado House of Representatives.

You can track SB 10-109, including its history and all versions of the bill, on this web page of the Colorado General Assembly. For additional resources on the Colorado legislature, see our guide.
To find government resources about drugs and related laws and regulations, see this topical guide.

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