Thursday, April 29, 2010

AZ Immigration Law Challenged by Federal Govt?

An interesting update on Arizona's new immigration law surfaced in the Washington Post today ("Justice Department Considers Suing Arizona to Block Immigration Law," April 29, 2010). According to the Post, the Justice Department may sue Arizona over it's new law in order to block the legislation from being enforced. President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are highly critical of this law, which defines illegal immigration as trespassing and requires police to question anyone they suspect is an illegal immigrant. The federal government rarely challenges state laws, so this would be an unusual action.

You can find links to different versions of the bill, a list of sponsors, summaries, fact sheets, and other information at the web site of the Arizona State Legislature, on the web page for SB1070. The Justice Department's web site doesn't yet provide any information about a possible lawsuit against Arizona, but you can search for related government resources by using our guide to immigration.

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