Monday, August 18, 2008

Congress Reauthorizes Higher Education Act

Both houses of the U.S. congress approved a reauthorization of the Higher Education Act on July 31. The Higher Education Opportunities Act requires colleges and universities to report more details about costs, prices, and tuition increases to the Department of Education. The bill also simplifies Free Application for Federal Student Aid forms and increases the availability of Pell grants. You can read about the legislation in the New York Times.

The Bill Summary & Status page for this legislation, available through the Library of Congress' website THOMAS, indicates that the approved bill became Public Law 110-315 on August 14. This bill summary and status page also contains links to related bills, amendments, congressional actions, and other useful information that can help you trace the bill from its inception to its current status as a law.

To read the Department of Education's response to the new legislation, see the press release statement by Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings. For additional government resources on education, see the Government Publications Library's Educational Resources web page.

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