Monday, August 25, 2008

Democratic National Convention Descends on Denver

Many eyes are on Colorado this week as the Democratic National Convention takes place in Denver. According to the City of Denver's website on DNC information, 35,000 are expected to visit the Mile High City for this event, and featured speakers include a host of political luminaries such as Hillary Clinton, Joseph Biden, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and, of course, presumed presidential nominee Barack Obama. The Denver Post's Politics West website also provides a variety of information on the DNC, including the podium schedule, a map of Denver, breaking news, and links to articles about party insiders as well as demonstrators.

The 35,000 figure mentioned on the City's website probably doesn't include the array of demonstrators who have planned various protests during the DNC. Fourteen entities sued the City and County of Denver, the U.S. Secret Service, Denver Police Department Deputy Chief of Operations Michael Battista, and Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan, claiming that convention security restrictions violated their First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and assembly.

The City of Denver website provides a summary detailing how U.S. District Court Judge Marcia Krieger upheld Denver security plans in her August 6 ruling. The Rocky Mountain News provides a link to Judge Krieger's court opinion, in which you can read about specific details of parade routes as well as the concrete-barrier-enclosed, chain-link-fence-topped Public Demonstration Zone specially designated by the City for demonstrators to "freely exercise their First Amendment rights."

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