Monday, August 04, 2008

FCC Rules that Comcast Violates Federal Policy

The Federal Communications Commission has ruled that telecommunications provider Comcast violated federal policy by selectively blocking customers' peer-to-peer connections on the Internet. The FCC has ordered Comcast to submit a compliance plan by the end of 2008 that describes how it intends to eliminate these practices.

The media is reporting that the FCC's ruling sets a precedent for Internet neutrality in the United States. You can read an article about this ruling in the Washington Post. You can also access the FCC's news release by going to the agency's home page, which features links to statements by the three commissioners who voted in favor of the ruling and the two who voted against it.

The Government Publications Library provides access to web pages for the FCC and numerous other federal government agencies. From the Government Publications Library's home page click on the U.S., State, and Local Governments heading and then click on the U.S. Government Agencies subheading below it. You can also check out our Telecommunications subject guide for additional links to U.S. and international resources about telecommunications laws, policies, and standards.

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