Monday, October 12, 2009

CoverColorado Provides State Health Insurance Option

Today the Denver Post reported on CoverColorado, a state-supported health insurance option for Colorado residents who don't receive health coverage through their employers and who can't get coverage from health insurers due to a pre-existing medical condition. The Post article suggests that if a federal health reform bill mandates state-based public options rather than a federal one, CoverColorado could become Colorado's public option. "We have the infrastructure completely built," CoverColorado's Executive Director Suzanne Bragg-Gamble is quoted as saying.

CoverColorado was created by the Colorado legislature in 1991, and it has specific requirements for eligibility. This nonprofit organization receives about 50 percent of its funding from member premiums, the CoverColorado cash fund, and state insurance premium tax credit allocations as well as gifts, grants, and donations; 25 percent from fees on health insurance and stop loss carriers; and 25 percent from Colorado's Unclaimed Property Fund. You can find this information in the CoverColorado Long-Term Funding Task Force's Final Report to the Colorado General Assembly.

For additional resources, see our guides to Colorado government and health.

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