Monday, October 26, 2009

It is coming...Snow

When I look out the window today I see bright blue sky and sun burning off the snow that isn't in the shade. But this is Colorado and as will come as little surprise, winter is coming. The latest Boulder weather forecast from the National Weather Service has snowflakes all over it. There are a variety of sources for weather information and I thought with the change in seasons it might be fun to talk over some of the ones focusing in on Colorado:
  • Colorado Climate Center This organization, based at Colorado State University, studies the climate of Colorado and provides a lot of its research and data freely on its web site.
  • Boulder, Colorado Climate and Weather This site, from the Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL), is focused in on the particular city that my university lives in. Why focus in on this city? Well, it turns out that ESRL lives here in Boulder too.
  • National Climate Data Center This site is great, but this is the first resource that may require you to either be on campus or using the VPN. They have plenty of free data, but if you are interesting in Colorado's Daily/Monthly/Annual Climatological data it is only free for those of us in depository libraries.
Still want more resources on climate and weather? Check out the library's guide, which lists these resources and many more.

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